OSHO Zen Tarot Readings

As some of you may or may not know…from time to time, I like to do free tarot readings for my friends. I use a wonderfully insightful and intuitive deck called the OSHO Zen Tarot Deck…this is my favorite deck to use for readings as it is simple and there is no need to learn the meaning of the cards but to simply use the images of the cards to read into issues or concerns.

The type of reading I do is a Past/Present/Future – Mind/Body/Spirit Reading and it is a wonderful reading giving the querent an opportunity to have an open dialogue with myself, the reader/channel, to talk about issues that one has faced, or may currently/presently be facing and glimpsing into the future… The reading I do is, as far as I’m concerned, nearly perfect as it reveals wisdom/shadow wisdom about the past, the present, and the future and deals with matters of the Mind, the Body and the Spirit, with a card of Central Concern…

The lay out is like a tic-tac-toe board, of 9 cards, three rows and three columns, the top row is the line of the Mind, the middle row, the line of the (Physical/Sexual) Body, and the bottom row, always placed closest to the querent is that of the Spirit… I do this intentionally, so that if the querent remembers the cards closest to them after a reading, my job is done, the information will trickle down from Spirit, to Mind, to Body… The other card of most importance is the center card, the card of Central Concern, as all other cards are positioned around it, and flow around it, in clockwise manner… It’s the Big Picture card of my readings, and the one I really emphasize to a querent to remember more than any other card…

Much of how my readings work are based on Jungian Psychology, the simplest of his theories/principles on Symbology/Symbolism, taken from my research and readings done using the I-Ching, from a great book by Rudolf Ritsema and Stephen Karcher. The approach here is how universal symbolism can be used as a mechanism to tap into divination and relay that information simply to a querent… Sometimes it may seem very broad, or too Big Picture, but that’s where the beauty of my readings lie, in the discussion that ensues during a reading…basically my readings are participant reliant, so know that you will be questioned…LOL!

It is also these principles/theories that I use to impress most upon my querents, that I do not even attempt to read the future, or tell them very specifics, as that is not my ability or gift…but what I have learned from my readings using the I-Ching and how it works is that we innately know the answers to our questions, we just get lost or stumble over the hurdles or speed bumps of life, that we are not seeing clearly in front of us… This approach is the “Getting from Point A to Point B” in the most efficient and expiditious manner, rather than wandering aimlessly in the dark…

Additionally how my readings work, so you have a much better understanding of how I do a reading is about using tri-lateral energy grids when I’m reading for a querent… This is method of connecting to Source, or my Spirit Guides, and Higher Power…and was taught to me by a wonderfully kind and gentle soul and spirit, Daniel Trinity Jackson, who does the most amazing workshops on Natural State Meditation… But basically what happens is that when I’m connected to a querent and to source the reading will flow brilliantly… And while it’s always best to voice a question to a tarot card reader or psychic, as it puts the question and intention behind the question out there in the universe, it’s not always necessary, and I call this a general reading, when someone doesn’t have a specific question, and I also jokingly call it or refer to it as “Stepping Out in the Light or Darkness”, neither of which am I opposed to doing, and the cards that are drawn will dictate whether the reading will be one of Light, or one of Darkness, where myself and the querent may be forced to touch on subjects that are difficult to grasp, or accept, or embrace…but that’s the beauty of it, because I can always lead someone out of the Darkness and into the Light by the end of a reading…

So, with all that being said, please feel free to hit me up with requests for readings, pose a question or give me a general area (Romance, Health, Career, Finance, etc.) to explore for and with you…and we’ll go there… ALWAYS avoid YES or NO questions…but get to the real meat and potatoes of a situation you are going through…and I’ll be glad to work you through it!

Much Love and Light!


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