My General Life Biography:

To be uploaded shortly!


I started with Art at Summer Camp, or more like, Crafts…I loved arts & crafts days at Summer Camp and from that point on I wanted to create!  It wasn’t until I graduated from highschool and went to the Art Institute to study Fashion Design that the Artist in me came kicking and screaming out of the closet.  I was so inspired by Fashion, which to me is 3-dimensional  sculptural art on the human form, so much so, I just started drawing, painting, making 3-dimensional sculptures out of found objects, collaging, and this really all led to my obsession with Make-Up, because when I was out of canvas or paper to use, or out of paints or markers, I started using my body, my face, as a canvas…  It’s pretty funny, cuz my artistic style is totally reflected in my make-up style…Bright Colors, Big Shapes, and Glitter, LOL!!!

Eric ZONK is synonymous with all things CREATIVE, COLORFUL and VISUALLY UNIQUE and FRESH!  He paints in the styles of Modern Pointillism, Urban Abstraction, Abstract, and Pop Art.  His drawing/sketch style is Intuitive Abstraction with a bold, modern aesthetic.  Digitally he works in Photographic Restoration and Manipulation and applies a similar technique to Intuitive Abstraction when working digitally.  His Mixed-Media Collage work has influences of Spirituality and all things Cosmic, Intergalactic, Tribal, etc…


Eric ZONK has been synonymous with all things creative, over the top, and fantastical since his fledgling days as a Fashion Design student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.  He has been performing to crowds, large and intimate in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, New York City and Chicago for over fifteen years now…  “It’s the connection with the audience, or just a single audience member that makes what I do so worthwhile…I love to connect and engage the audience…and I just love bringin something new, different, fresh to the scene or show in which I’m performing…” 

ZONK’s performance styles range from: Visual Performance Art (Flagging, Flag Dance), Dance, Movement.  His conceptual performance art style is a hybrid of:  Western Performance Art, Storytelling, Japanese Butoh and Movement. Drag Drag is not my thing-thing, but I love to play with make-up and costuming and give a good show. I find the tucking, tits and wigs of Drag uncomfortable.  And to be quite frank I am a man, with a penis, who likes to wear make-up, some women’s clothes and high heels…  I am definitely inspired by great musical artists and my performances reflect that.  IF I get in on a Drag night somewhere, I’ll be the last person to do a gay anthem or try to impersonate a big gay icon.


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