Poetry by ZONK

Faerie Love:  Homage to Hermes

My Hermes shines bright
lighting the heart…from within
brilliance achieved in…such a young
heart, and such a…beautiful spirit
…he is ethereal amour…wrapped
in Light…beckoning the inner
child, to come out…and play…
…he speaks through the tongue
of love…liaison to the gods
communicating “remembrance”…and
“hope”…brilliantly bestowing…sweet
and soft kisses…he is mercurial…
moving at the speed, of infinite
connectivity…prolific creativity
in the realm of Eternal Eros…
My Hermes shines like a star…
gifting Light wisdom from…Times…
Forgotten…and Innocence…restored
…He is Aura, and he is Soul…
embedded in organic matter, the likes
of any god…delivering on ear…
sweet notes of blissful toilings…
Boiling points of bubbling joy
and radiant glamour…and succulent
nectars…and soul play…
My Hermes is a Fool, full of…
Love, and Light and Lyric…Tell me
you Love me, and I’ll tell you
I Love you…his reflection…a
reverse image of Him…Self
Selflessly imbibing all his…
senses, his sense of affection,
his sense of direction…his blessed
sense of clarity, and infinite wisdom…
…His heart speaks Art, and sings
a song, a song of Union, and Love…
…on his breath, sweet and delicate,
he whispers Love into my ears…
…in his eyes He shows me…his
heart, from which I wish…not to part
…with his touch, he tells a story
of sad love songs…turned honey
suckle sweet from…a vision…
…of a Future Untold…told through
rhythm, and sold through rhyme…
Tell me you love me, and I’ll show you…
I love you…enchant my deepest idea of
Soul, and Courage…the courage to
…the courage to…to…Love again…





From 2005, ASIAC  (AIDS Services In Asian Communities) Annual Day & Night Fashion Show Fundraiser.

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Thank you…Peter Lien of Lien/Nibauer Photography (Philadelphia, PA)  Check out his blog:  www.peterlien.com 

So, I went to the Art Institute of Philadelphia, for Fashion Design…  I LOVE FASHION!!!! It inspires and motivates me more than anything…  But there came a point in time when I was maybe bored, tired of sewing probably more, and wanted to try something a bit different.  So I got to playing around with duct tape…and so it’s out there, I was definitely NOT the first person doing duct tape fashions, and mine are definitely on the simple end of the spectrum…  But anywho…I produced 2 collections of ABDUCTED Designs for ASIAC’s Day & Night Fashion Show (2005-6).  These pix are from the first year, a huge collection of well over 50 pieces, and mad drama all around…lol!

Thank you too ALL of my fabulous models:  Natalie, Nabiyah, Frenchie, Dee, Taz, Lauren, Loneisha, Michelle, Raabia, and Mia

Hair & Make-up by Telly Simmons of TellyStyles

Performance Pix!

LIBERTINE BALL 2011:  Fetish Beach Party @ Shampoo Nite Club (Philadelphia, PA) – August 13, 2011

This was a wacky performance, and didn’t go off without hitches, but I must thank The Glamazon Khenti for her contribution of music (Release The Kraken by Bozo Porn Circus) and her fabulosity, and Lily Lisa Tornetta for being gorgeous and so easy with which to work!

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Thank you…Robert Neroni (Philadelphia, PA), for capturing the magic!  To see more of Robert’s spectacular photography visit his website:  www.neroni.com

LIBERTINE BALL is produced by PASSIONAL Boutique…my current place of employment!

Digital Art by ZONK!

I love to work on the computer, digitally manipulating photos or creating magic from a blank canvas/document.  This series is not the entire group, but these are definitely some of the best!

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These go back to 2006 or 2007…  I hope they inspire you as they do me…  This series took on a very spiritual aspect as I was working on and manipulating and creating these images…things would appear and speak to me, hence names like Totem Spirit…

Some of my Make-Up applications!

Whether for performance or fun, I love making my face up…I love make-up and simply think of it as another medium to express myself, as an artist…  Actually it takes a lot of courage and gumption to step out of the house looking like this, but it makes me feel good to know that people notice, and appreciate, and I can feel good about myself either way.

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This short series of images was the first time I went to work at BEATNIX Boutique in Chicago, during the Halloween season…  Needless to say, my coworkers were floored, excited and some of them jealous I could pull it off, lol!!!  No, in all seriousness, BEATNIX is awesome!  I called it The One-Stop Drag-Shop, cuz they sell everything there a drag queen, or performer, could possibly need to pull off a look…  Funniest story:  Trying boots on Kevin Aviance while I was working one day…and reminding him of a time at a drag show in Philly where the laces on his pumps came undone and since I was sitting in the first row, he came right up to me, place his foot on my knee and demanded, “Tie My Shoe!”  LOL!!!  He’s fabootz!

Some of my Modern Pointillist work!

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This is one style I have been working in for well over 15 years, I call it Modern Pointillism, as I was highly inspired by the Pointillists like Georges Seurat…  While I was inspired, it was not my intention to imitate, so I went in a very modern direction, clean points or dots, free standing on their own…to create abstract images that convey a feeling, emotion or state of being, or an idea…  I have produced so many of these and many of them got away without me photographing them.  These 4 pieces are from my time spent in Chicago leaving at the Faerie Castle, up in Rogers Park going back to 2008-9.

BRAVO’s “Work of Art” Reality Show

…so, I’ve decided to have a crack at some reality show and I think “Work of Art” on Bravo should be a good way to go, as I feel much more confident about my art making skills than my sewing skills, which is why I never went out for Project Runway, even though everyone in the world, at least that I know, has told me I should, I just know I couldn’t hold a candle to anyone who really can sew and has the patience to and can work under such time constraints, blah, blah, blah…

But, I am taking my arse up to NYC to try out for “Work of Art” and I WILL be all rocked out, glam’d out and in my big ass boots, so at least I WILL BE SEEN, lol…with portfolio in hand, I’m gonna try to work the “diversity” and “personality” angles, we’ll see how it goes…

Still working on gettin images up here and motivating myself to start making art again, no excuses, it’s been long enough!