Help Me Re-Build ZONK ARTS!!!!!!!!!

As many of you may remember, ZONK ARTS Gallery, at 622 South 5th Street, just off of South Street, was my “child”, my “baby” and when I had to close in 2005 I was pretty devastated, but had to move on…  Since then I had been struggling to get back to business, and rebuilding ZONK ARTS…working in non-profit, moving to Chicago, coming back, working at PASSIONAL…all the time neglecting my innate need to CREATE!  And be PRODUCTIVE as an artist, fashion designer, musician, performance artist…  At last, in 2013, with the New Year, I really can’t even put into words the level of productivity and energy that has been moving through me…in a sense, all the past several years of not producing have created a beast in me to pump stuff out, drawings, fashions, etc…mostly these two things…

NOW since being back in the game, in the thick of it, consigning my fashions at IMPACT Boutique (644 South Street) there is a demand for my fashions, and I WANT TO MEET THAT DEMAND, and EXCEED that demand!  So please take some time to think about donating to my cause, a dollar makes a difference!  Just to make you aware of what a dollar can do, it’s a garment (jeans, shirts, skirts, dresses) from the DOLLAR RACK & ROOM @ PHILLY AIDS Thrift, that gets upcycled into a fabulous ZiNk’D or TOXIC Fashion by ZONK!  BIG LOVE!!!!


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