Some of my Make-Up applications!

Whether for performance or fun, I love making my face up…I love make-up and simply think of it as another medium to express myself, as an artist…  Actually it takes a lot of courage and gumption to step out of the house looking like this, but it makes me feel good to know that people notice, and appreciate, and I can feel good about myself either way.

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This short series of images was the first time I went to work at BEATNIX Boutique in Chicago, during the Halloween season…  Needless to say, my coworkers were floored, excited and some of them jealous I could pull it off, lol!!!  No, in all seriousness, BEATNIX is awesome!  I called it The One-Stop Drag-Shop, cuz they sell everything there a drag queen, or performer, could possibly need to pull off a look…  Funniest story:  Trying boots on Kevin Aviance while I was working one day…and reminding him of a time at a drag show in Philly where the laces on his pumps came undone and since I was sitting in the first row, he came right up to me, place his foot on my knee and demanded, “Tie My Shoe!”  LOL!!!  He’s fabootz!


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