BRAVO’s “Work of Art” Reality Show

…so, I’ve decided to have a crack at some reality show and I think “Work of Art” on Bravo should be a good way to go, as I feel much more confident about my art making skills than my sewing skills, which is why I never went out for Project Runway, even though everyone in the world, at least that I know, has told me I should, I just know I couldn’t hold a candle to anyone who really can sew and has the patience to and can work under such time constraints, blah, blah, blah…

But, I am taking my arse up to NYC to try out for “Work of Art” and I WILL be all rocked out, glam’d out and in my big ass boots, so at least I WILL BE SEEN, lol…with portfolio in hand, I’m gonna try to work the “diversity” and “personality” angles, we’ll see how it goes…

Still working on gettin images up here and motivating myself to start making art again, no excuses, it’s been long enough!


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