How bout a pic?!?

Here’s an image shot by a great portrait photographer and friend of mine, Billy Gerber Jr. of Bridgeton, NJ…this was from our first shoot together…and was a very quick make up job, but speaks to my asymetrical aesthetic I like to explore with make-up and my dual (Gemini) personality…sort of by expressing both of my inner twins, or allowing each of them to shine through in their own way…weird, I know…but it usually makes for great faces, LOL!!!


Hello world!

WOW, my first blog on my new blog dedicated to ALL things artistic and creative and fantastic…  I really don’t know where to start, other than to post some images of some past work that will hopefully re-inspire me to make NEW ART!!!  Art is what I live for and it’s been awhile since I created anything new, in any medium…  Generally I can make music to bide the time, cuz it’s quick and clean, or do something digitally, to get my fix, but I haven’t picked up a paint brush in a while…  I’ll dig out some stuff and get it up here real soon…